We are the combs brothers


The Combs Brothers are a Providence RI/CAPE COD based band - in which the core consists of two twin brothers, Thomas and Steve Combs. Currently, the project has manifested from once being a childhood interest to now, their pursuit of their life's passion.


As a project destined to grow, and influences ranging across the board, they present tight harmonies over a rhythmic conversation of piano and acoustic guitar, as well as the many other sounds presented on their debut ep "driftwood". Although it seems hard to believe that two gingers have soul, their sensitive and new age indie exploration has convinced fans to tip their hats and stand corrected.


The CombS Brothers don't underestimate the power of influence and positivity, and their music shows the world that it's possible to live in the moment and spread their musical message.  



Vocals, Guitar / Thomas Werneken Combs
Vocals, Piano / Steve Werneken Combs


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by The Combs Brothers

Demo Tracks

by The Combs Brothers